Dr. Fenton Heirtzler

Ph.D. Organic Chemist in Central New Jersey

Research at Rutgers - by Dr. F. R. Heirtzler
Research at Rutgers


My current location, in Southern New Jersey, is  approximately 20 miles from Rutgers University, Camden Campus. Since January 2010 at Rutgers, and on the invitation of Professors Burke and Roche of the Rutgers Chemistry Department, I am continuing my Research Program as Visiting Scientist in the application of synthetic Heteroaromatic/carbocyclic Chemistry and Metallosupramolecular Chemistry to topics in Materials Science.

Current Status:

In the meanwhile, I've set up a Preparative Chemistry laboratory on a limited budget, initiated work on two projects and established contacts in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area for interdisciplinary studies as a preliminary to submission of new funding proposals. Just this fall,  several undergraduate chemistry majors joined the group for short-term research projects.

The Lab:

Here are some photos, taken in October 2010, one month after moving in (from a temporary location) and cleaning up:

This is my personal research area, complete with rotary evaporator, cryogenic circulation pump, vacuum pump and regulator:

Personal Research Area

Here is the undergraduate research area:

Undergrad Researh Area

These are the fume hoods (left: undergraduate projects; right: personal research):

Fume Hoods

Ongoing Research Projects (hotlinked):